South-to-South Educators Symposium in Rio de Janeiro

Technology Center - UFRJ - South-to-South Educators Symposium in Rio de Janeiro

Technology Center - UFRJ
Segunda 11.3.2019
desde 13:30 até 17:30
Technology Center - UFRJ
BRCidade UniversitáriaRua Horácio Macedo 21941909
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This half-day symposium will bring together Design-for-Sustainability educators to share and learn from each other’s pedagogical experiences in teaching DfS to undergraduate and postgraduate audiences. Participants are invited to make short 15-minute presentations of the DfS briefs that they challenge their students with in their courses, and images of the project outcomes from students. These presentations will be compiled as proceedings into a multimedia e-book and shared pm the LeNS website for free downloading. As a learning community of DfS educators, participants will discuss teaching and learning strategies that could engage and inspire design students to actively contribute to more sustainable futures, such as through international online studio activities. Also in the agenda is a proposed South-to-South Interuniversity Design Challenge, where students from South-to-South institutions will collaborate as multi-national teams to formulate solutions for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Lunch and refreshments will be provided during the symposium. Attendees will receive certificates of participation.
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